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Current Research Projects

  • Real-Time Selective Harmonic Minimization in Cascaded Multilevel Inverters with Varying DC Sources
  • Optimal Power System Restoration
  • Modeling of Long-term Transmission Expansion and Investment
  • Decentralized Control of DE for Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems
  • An Electric Grid Situational Awareness Toolkit
  • Congestion Prediction in Power System Operation and Planning
  • Research on Modeling of Induction Motor Loads and Prevention of Stalling Using Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Active Filter Approach to Reduce DC Link Capacitor
  • Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
  • Self-healing Power Grid Realization Based on PSS/E 30 Cascading Failure Simulation and Analysis

Past Research Projects

Contact Information
Contact Information

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