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Evaluation of Losses in Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps Using Sic Devices

Lakshmi Reddy Gopi Reddy
Dr Leon M Tolbert

A new electronic ballast circuit for HID lamps that is proposed to achieve an ultra high efficiency of 96 % will be presented in this paper. The first stage of the ballast which is the power factor correction boost converter has demonstrated an efficiency of 97.6% using Si MOSFET as the switch. Higher efficiencies can be achieved by using SiC MOSFETs owing to lower losses in SiC devices. The second stage of the ballast, a DC to high frequency inverter is being designed to achieve 98% efficiency.

HID Lamps circuit
Fig 1. PFC prototype of the electronic ballast

HID Lamps circuit
Fig 2. Inductor current and drain-source voltage in input voltage across MOSFET

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