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Reactive Power Planning


Seong Taek Lee
Dr. Leon M. Tolbert


The objective of my research is to design and analysis an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM) using 3-dimensional Finite Element Analysis. The developing IPMSM has side-poles and side-magnets at the both axial ends of the rotor, which are for increasing or decreasing air-gap flux. The excitation flux generated by DC current will come into the rotor through the side-poles and be added to the flux from the permanent magnets, as the results, the output torque can be increased comparing with the existing IPMSM. And also, by reversing the direction of DC current, the excitation flux will diminish the air-gap flux. Therefore, high speed operation can be achieved without a booster converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) applications. To optimize the design works, there is the feedback from testing prototypes.

fig 1. A model for 3-dimensional Finite Element Analysis

fig 2. One of simulation results for controlling air-gap flux density

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