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Nonactive Power Compensation in Distributed Energy Systems

Sponsored by National Science Foundation and Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Yan Xu
Dr. Leon M. Tolbert
Dr. John N. Chiasson


There are several nonactive components in single and/or polyphase systems:
  • fundamental reactive current/power.
  • harmonics which frequencies are the integer multiples of the fundamental frequency.
  • subharmonics and nonperiodic components which frequencies are not the integer multiples of the fundmental frequency.
  • unblanced currents and/or voltages which may exist in polyphase systems.

    At present, different definitions of nonactive current/power, different compensation strategies are being used in nonactive power compensation. In this project, a new definition of nonactive current/power is used to study the nonactive power compensation in different cases. This generalized definition applies to single/polyphase, periodic/nonperiodic systems.

    nonactive 01

    Fig 1. System Configuration of a shunt compensator.

    nonactive 02
    nonactive 03
    Fig 2 and 3. 3-phase periodic compensation

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    "Nonactive Power Compensation in Distributed Energy Systems"

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