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Static Var Compensation

Sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Mengwei Li
Dr. John N. Chiasson
Dr. Leon M. Tolbert


This project focuses on minimizing the voltage total harmonic distortion when controlling a multilevel converter to act as a static var compensator. Use of resultant theory has enabled the complete set of solutions to be found for switching a multilevel inverter's power electronic devices at the fundamental frequency while eliminating the lower order harmonics. A scheme is also developed to regulate the voltage levels of the multilevel inverter so that it operates in an optimum amplitude modulation index regime.

Related publications and presentations

L. M. Tolbert, J. N. Chiasson,, Fang Z. Peng, "Modulation Index Regulation of a Multilevel Inverter for Static Var Compensation," IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, July 13-18, Toronto, Canada.

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Contact Information

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